søndag 1. august 2010

Brazilian beauty interior..

I´ve told you about my love for out- of the ordinary hotels, and over the years I´ve been searching out a few in different countries. Well, one of the places I´ve found is this brazilian beauty...

This out-of-this-world hotel called Uxua is located on Brazil´s Bahian coastline. It´s in a little fishingvillage calles Trancosco. It consists of 9 1-3 bedroom houses, and they´re all built and decorated in collaboration with local artisans. Their values have led them to use traditional building methods, recycled and organic materials. All of this results in shere beauty..take a look:

The hotel is only a five-minutes walk to the beach, where local turtles find their home. Uxua places a high value on protecting the local flaura and fauna.

Photos: www.uxua.com

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, how I love all this spaces. But the last one... is gorgeous. Thank you and happy August.



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