onsdag 16. juni 2010


..fleamarkeds!!! Ahw! It´s the same excitement and joy over and over...out looking for treasures, never knowing what you might find..I LOVE it!! Today I went with my family to a fleamarked close to Stavanger, Norway where I grew up. With sunshine, my camera and good old missionary style "syltetøylapper/lefsa" we had a such an awesome day!! Here´s a few pics:

These cool chairs were lined up for the annual auction. The old sowingmachine was one of the fleas up for auction. An old lady ended up buying it, but I got a pic. Found it soooo charming.

My love for old leathersuitcases led me to this!! Today´s treasure!! Can´t wait to bring this baby to a bench in a park filled with french brie cheese and the latest book from Anna Gavalda!! Anyone read it?? It´s going down this summer!!

Photo: Beulah/Leif M.Torstensen

torsdag 10. juni 2010

Amazing pics...

I came over these amazing pics and just had to post them here. I simply love old suitcases like these, and especially the ones in authentic leather. They bring such a nostalgic atmosphere and at home I have one filled with all my cd´s. Perfect storagebox- and it´s hard to find a more beautiful one...

Photo: Bobo Olsson via Desire to inspire/Chanel/i gigi

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