tirsdag 24. august 2010

Adjeu Shabby...

I received very sad and shocking news a couple of days ago. My favorite interiorstore is closing!! I couldn´t belive it. Shabby started up 8 years ago after its owners, 2 cute middle-aged women had gone crazy at french fleamarkeds. (Yes, I can relate..) It´s been going strong ever since, and you can hardly open a interiormagazine in Norway without Shabby beeing strongly represented. But sadly the adventure came to an end, or maybe it just have shifted direction..

In this post I want to pay a tribute to two strong women who followed their hearts and their dreams, and through it inspired lots of women (myself included), and simply created a beautiful spot on earth! Let there be many more..

To beauty!!

Photos: Nina Ruud/www.mamma.no

House doctor still gets my attention...

I´ve followed housedoctor for a few years, and they still impress me with their cosy, yet urban look. I peeked into the new catalogue from House Doctor. The danish never disappointes..Here´s a few goodies...

mmm, love the chairs - and notice the übercool deerhead in the corner...nice!

Olivetrees- one of my fave..

Likin´ the nightstand...

Photo: www.housedoctor.dk

tirsdag 10. august 2010

Missing Paris day...

Today I´ve been longing to go to Paris. It´s been hard for a parisian at heart not to be able to visit her darling city for a while.. It´s actually been over a year since last time..what a horrific thought. I found this delightful pic in one of my favourite blogs - www.photojourneyling.com..check it out!! I find the green iron chairs SO beautiful, and they remind me of all the times I´ve been sitting in jardin de Tulleries with my Love...

I´ve brought home with me two old iron chairs from my stay in California..one grey and one pale pink..they´re gourgous!! I´m gonna share a pic with you when I get them home..

à bientôt..

Photo: www.photojourneyling.com

onsdag 4. august 2010

Danish inspiration..

These pics are from the danish interior-designer Tine Kjeldsten. At the early age of 22 she opened her first store, and it became a huge sucess in Denmark. Her last collection is called remember yourself...

Photos: www.tinekhome.dk

søndag 1. august 2010

Brazilian beauty interior..

I´ve told you about my love for out- of the ordinary hotels, and over the years I´ve been searching out a few in different countries. Well, one of the places I´ve found is this brazilian beauty...

This out-of-this-world hotel called Uxua is located on Brazil´s Bahian coastline. It´s in a little fishingvillage calles Trancosco. It consists of 9 1-3 bedroom houses, and they´re all built and decorated in collaboration with local artisans. Their values have led them to use traditional building methods, recycled and organic materials. All of this results in shere beauty..take a look:

The hotel is only a five-minutes walk to the beach, where local turtles find their home. Uxua places a high value on protecting the local flaura and fauna.

Photos: www.uxua.com

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