onsdag 26. mai 2010

Bye bye Anthropologie..

I discovered the beautiful world of Anthropologie early (All thanx to my good friend Cindy Kizanis! Love u babe!) during my stay in California. It´s such a creative store always filled with inspiring expos. I simply love big, comfy leatherchairs like this one. . Such a perfect relaxing-reading and drinking tea-place, ey? ;)

Cute spoons and beautiful raw cheramic! I love clay, yay!!

Last time I popped by they had this amazing boat-bed. I thought it would be perfect in our cottage up in the mountains in Norway. Think about sleeping in after long summernights in one of these...

Photo: Beulah

p.s: Anthropologie just opened their first European store in London so now we don´t have to fly all the way to the US to enjoy their stores. See more at www.anthropologie.com ;)

tirsdag 25. mai 2010

Beautiful lamps

We had the most amazing trip to Chico with some friends the other day, and there they had the most cosy coffeehouse with these amazing lamps. The first one is an old vintage-lamp, and I love the damp light that it creates. With the brick-wall in the background it makes the most beautiful scene to sit and read good book under.

The two other lamps was made by a local artist and was light-bulbs with this gorgeous stiff fabric that you could shape however you liked it. I thought they were so nice, I just had to share some pics.

Photo: Beulah

-and by the way: if you ever go to Chico, you need to make a stop here. It´s called Naked Factory- in addition to the lamps they have the most amazing latté ever!! Yummi!!

mandag 24. mai 2010

I heart Day

Day is a danish designer company that was founded by Keld Mikkelsen in 1997. They now have over a thousand stores spread over 25 countries and are indeed celebrating their tremendous success.

What I specially love about Day except for their obviously gorgeous design is their philosophy. Their desire was to move away from a buisness focused on sales and towards a design driven product with a craftmanship revival- wheter embroidery or hand beading. The idea, reflected in their name was to create contemporary every-day glamour. These pics are from their spring-line. Feel free to dream away…

Photo: www.dayhome.dk

søndag 23. mai 2010

My front door

I always love to come to places where the entrence reflects the people living inside. I´ve gathered some things that I really find beautiful and that creates a nice atmosphere outside the appartement. I love coming home to this sight every day and I enjoy lighting the candle outside at night and sit out on the porch with a cup of tea looking at the stars. There is so much beauty in life. We just need to remember to expose ourselves to it.

Photo: Beulah

lørdag 22. mai 2010

L´interieure francaise dans mon coeur!

To me, the most beautiful country in the world is France. I lived in Paris for 2 years, and it was impossible not to fall in love with the culture, the language, the people, the food – and the interior. I love the colors of nature, and the shabby romantic look that caracterize many of the old buildings. I love when interior reflects history and life. These pics are from a hotel close to Carcasonne, called La Maison Pujol. It´s origianally an old wine-factory and consists of only five rooms. Need I say more? I´m taking my hubby, and we´re going!!!

torsdag 20. mai 2010


Photo: Per K. Veggeland

Welcome to my blog Beulahdécor! This is my new way of sharing with the world what beauty is to me when it comes to interior design. Here you will find pics of things that I find beautiful and hopefully it will inspire you in your search for beauty in life.

Beulah is hebrew and means “married”. My inspiration comes from HIM, the greatest love I´ve ever known, and who has taught me about beauty. He inspires me to look for beauty, to create it, and to share it with the world around me. My dream for this site is that it will inspire you to discover the longings of your heart and draw you deeper into the romance with true Beauty.

Beulahdécor- cause Beauties should live surrounded by beauty!




lørdag 15. mai 2010

Spring - You are so welcome!

I had this amazingly beautiful tree in the garden where I love. It only took one week with sun and the tree was blossoming in all its beauty. I take a detour every day just to walk by it. I love it so much I just had to bring a branch or two into the appartement :

Photo: Beulah
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