onsdag 26. mai 2010

Bye bye Anthropologie..

I discovered the beautiful world of Anthropologie early (All thanx to my good friend Cindy Kizanis! Love u babe!) during my stay in California. It´s such a creative store always filled with inspiring expos. I simply love big, comfy leatherchairs like this one. . Such a perfect relaxing-reading and drinking tea-place, ey? ;)

Cute spoons and beautiful raw cheramic! I love clay, yay!!

Last time I popped by they had this amazing boat-bed. I thought it would be perfect in our cottage up in the mountains in Norway. Think about sleeping in after long summernights in one of these...

Photo: Beulah

p.s: Anthropologie just opened their first European store in London so now we don´t have to fly all the way to the US to enjoy their stores. See more at www.anthropologie.com ;)

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