tirsdag 25. mai 2010

Beautiful lamps

We had the most amazing trip to Chico with some friends the other day, and there they had the most cosy coffeehouse with these amazing lamps. The first one is an old vintage-lamp, and I love the damp light that it creates. With the brick-wall in the background it makes the most beautiful scene to sit and read good book under.

The two other lamps was made by a local artist and was light-bulbs with this gorgeous stiff fabric that you could shape however you liked it. I thought they were so nice, I just had to share some pics.

Photo: Beulah

-and by the way: if you ever go to Chico, you need to make a stop here. It´s called Naked Factory- in addition to the lamps they have the most amazing latté ever!! Yummi!!

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