tirsdag 6. juli 2010

Salty boatbeauty....

I just visited my brother in law and took a stroll around the beach area where he lives. I happened to find some amazingly beautiful boates there. I´ve always found so much beauty in the wood on the underside of the boat. The salty water grinds the paint into a masterpiece. Salty water is truly one of the greatest artists i know of.... just think about how it always makes the driftwood so beautiful, and the stones...

Ah, I felt so blessed stumbling over theese amazing boats...makes me drift away once again into true romance...I took some of my favorite summerprops and played with them...earings, bracelet & elle = a must on a stunning summer day :)

The number 9 has always facinated me. Don´t know why but it´s always stood out to me as the most beautiful number. Loved this version of it. The simpler and rawer, the better...

Photo: Beulah

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